The goal of the Villum Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory is to contribute to our mathematical understanding of quantum physics with special emphasis on the interplay between quantum matter and quantum information. We are motivated by the surprising informational aspects of quantum physics with its potential use in quantum communication and long-term prospect of building a quantum computer. Read more about QMATH

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  • Quantum for Life – a new research centre at MATH

    The Novo Nordisk Foundation has granted Professor Matthias Christandl a 6-year grant of DKK 48.6 million to build a cross-disciplinary research centre exploring the use of quantum computation to address hard computational challenges in the life sciences. »
  • PhD stipends in Mathematics, 2021

    A number of attractive PhD stipends in mathematics are available at Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Copenhagen. The starting date for the stipends is in September 2021 or as soon as possible thereafter. »
  • Paula Belzig, PhD student

    Paula Belzig started on 1 August 2020 as a TALENT PhD student at the Analysis & Quantum Section and the Centre for the Mathematics of Quantum Theory. »

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