We are temporarily located in Vibenshuset, Lyngbyvej 2, 4th floor, 2100 Copenhagen Ø.

Our postal address is:

Department of Mathematical Sciences
Universitetsparken 5
2100 Copenhagen Ø

Our building is called the H. C. Ørsted Institute and is pretty big. This map shows where you have to enter the building and how to find the math department . Matthias Christandl's Office is 04.2.12, and Jan Philip Solovej's Office is 04.02.14. Bergfinnur Durhuus is located on the 4th floor (Room 04.4.06).

The page "Find us" shows you direction, busses, trains and hotels. In short:

  • From Copenhagen airport it is most convenient to take the Metro to Nørreport St. and from there the Bus 173E, 150s, 184 or 185 to Universitetsparken.
  • From Copenhagen main station, take S-train A, B or C to Nørreport St. and continue with Bus 173E, 150s, 184 or 185 to Universitetsparken.

To find out how to get around in Copenhagen in general or to find particular times on the routes above, visit