The Quantum Lunch

The Quantum Lunch is an event hosted by QMATH every Wednesday with the purpose of gathering socially and academically anybody in Copenhagen who is interested in Mathematical Physics, Quantum Information and Quantum Computation.

We meet for lunch between 12 and 13, sandwiches are provided and every week we have a different speaker giving a light talk during lunch time. If you are interested in participating, giving a talk or you have a guest who could give a talk, do not hesitate to contact us.

For the speakers:

We will wait to welcome everybody, hear the weekly announcements to the group (if we have any) and give you the chance to have a sandwich before the talk.
At 12:10 we start; please prepare for a 30m talk plus questions.
There should be plenty of jiggle room, so that by 13:00 the Quantum Lunch is over and everybody is free to go.

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