QMATH Conferences

Correlations in Mathematical Quantum Mechanics
Conference to celebrate the work of Jan Philip Solovej
21-23 June 2023

Masterclass on Entropy Inequalities in Quantum Information Science 
NEW DATE: 22-26 August 2022

Conference on The mathematics of quantum entanglement via nonlocal games
15-19 August 2022

4EU+ Masterclass on Quantum Mechanics from Condensed Matter to Computing
13-17 June 2022

Conference on Quantum Geometry 2022 
20 - 24 June 2022. Place: Torshavn, The Faroe Islands

Masterclass on Quantum Communication and Computation with Continuous Variables 
17-21 June 2019

Masterclass on Tensors: Geometry and Quantum Information 
18-22 June 2018

Masterclass on Geometric Analysis on Noncompact Manifolds 
9-13 October 2017

Masterclass on Exotic Phases of Matter 
15-19 May 2017

Kick-off Conference

7-9 November 2016