Quantum Lunch: Quantum gate learning in engineered qubit networks: Toffoli gate with always-on interactions

Speaker: Leonardo Banchi, UCL.

Abstract: We put forward a strategy to encode a quantum algorithm into the unmodulated dynamics of a quantum network without the need of external control pulses, measurements or active feedback. Our optimization scheme, inspired by supervised machine learning, consists in engineering the pairwise couplings between the network qubits so that the target quantum operation is encoded in the natural reduced dynamics of a network section. The efficacy of the proposed scheme is demonstrated by the finding of uncontrolled four-qubit networks which implement either the Toffoli gate, the Fredkin gate, or remote logic operations. The proposed Toffoli gate is stable against imperfections, has a high-fidelity for fault tolerant quantum computation, and is fast, being based on the non-equilibrium dynamics.