Quantum Lunch: Quantum homomorphic encryption – University of Copenhagen

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Quantum Lunch: Quantum homomorphic encryption

Speaker: Yfke Dulek, University of Amsterdam.

Abstract: Encrypted data can be securely sent around or stored without any problems, but if we want to perform computations on the data, we usually have to decrypt it first. That is, unless the encryption procedure has the special property of being homomorphic. Homomorphic encryption allows anyone who only has access to an encrypted form of the data to perform computations on it as if it were unencrypted, with only limited overhead, and without ever learning the contents of the data. Only in 2009, after many years of partial progress, the first fully homomorphic encryption algorithm was designed for classical data. Using this classical result as a stepping stone, I will present a homomorphic encryption scheme for quantum data. This research was joint work with Christian Schaffner and Florian Speelman.