Quantum Lunch: Autonomous feedback for superconducting qubits

Christian Kraglund Andersen from University of Aarhus

Autonomous feedback for superconducting qubits

It is essential for a large scale quantum computer to have an efficient strategy for control of its individual qubits. Ideally, many of the trivial tasks in running a quantum algorithm should be solved autonomously on the hardware level. In this talk, I will start by introducing how superconducting qubits are implemented, measured and controlled and then present a newly developed feedback scheme. This feedback scheme, while relying on a quantum measurement, does not require any information about the measurement to be transmitted to the outside of the cryogenic environment of the qubits. In particular, it will be shown how this scheme can autonomously initialise an initial state of any number of qubits and generalisations towards quantum error correction schemes will be discussed.