Joint SYM and QMATH Lecture: Tsirelson's problem – University of Copenhagen

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Joint SYM and QMATH Lecture: Tsirelson's problem

David Perez Garcia from Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Tsirelson’s problem

Non-local games play a key role in the foundations of quantum mechanics, in quantum cryptography and in complexity theory. A fundamental question on such games, raised by Tsirelson in the early 90s, concerns the way to describe mathematically the notion of spatial separation in quantum mechanics. In recent years, Tsirelson’s problem has been shown to be equivalent to Connes’ embedding problem, a central open question in operator algebras. This connection has the clear potential to produce significant advances in the question by merging techniques from both quantum information theory and operator algebras. This potential has indeed been materialized already in a breakthrough result of Slofstra last year. In this talk I will review all this story, from the original question of Tsirelson to the latest result of Slofstra.