QLunch: One-way quantum repeaters with photonic cluster states

Speaker: Johannes Borregaard from QMATH

Title: One-way quantum repeaters with photonic cluster states

Abstract: One-way quantum repeaters have been proposed to circumvent the relatively slow heralded entanglement generation and the need for long-lived quantum memories in standard two-way quantum repeaters. This is achieved by encoding the qubit information in loss-tolerant error-correcting codes to be transmitted directly between repeater stations. The physical implementation of such repeaters, however, often require many high-fidelity two-qubit operations and considerable amounts of auxiliary qubits repeaters. I will discuss a novel one-way repeater architecture based on photonic tree clusters that allows for a minimum resource implementation with only two qubit spin systems per repeater station. In addition, the loss correction requires only a single successful two-qubit measurement independent of the size of the encoding.