ON-LINE QLunch: Jitendra Prakash

Speaker: Jitendra Prakash from QMATH

Title: Constant-sized robust self-tests for states and measurements of unbounded dimension

Abstract: We consider correlations, $p_{n,x}$, arising from measuring a maximally entangled state using $n$ measurements with two outcomes each, constructed from $n$ projections that add up to $xI$. We show that the correlations $p_{n,x}$ robustly self-test the underlying states and measurements. To achieve this, we lift the group-theoretic Gowers-Hatami based approach for proving robust self-tests to a more natural algebraic framework. A key step is to obtain an analogue of the Gowers-Hatami theorem allowing to perturb an "approximate" representation of the relevant algebra to an exact one. For $n=4$, the correlations $p_{n,x}$ self-test the maximally entangled state of every dimension as well as 2-outcome projective measurements of arbitrarily high rank.

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