QLunch: Klaus Mølmer

Speaker: Klaus Mølmer from NBI

Title: Flying and stationary qubits – challenges and opportunities

Abstract: With the scaling of quantum technologies to many separate material quantum components, we may have to couple these systems by quantum radiation of light, microwaves or phonons. In future optical quantum processors, we may – conversely - need to manipulate  quantum states of radiation pulses by their interaction with non-linear stationary quantum components. 

While several physical processes have been proposed and already demonstrated for these tasks, there are rather fundamental obstacles to, e.g., merely interchange the role of flying and stationary qubits. These obstacles include the general multimode character of propagating fields and the duration and spatial extent of useful light and microwave pulses. 

The talk will review methods to deal theoretically with these obstacles, and it will present examples of new, unforeseen, possibilities for preparation and manipulation “on the fly” of quantum states of light and matter.