QLunch: Dylan Harley

Speaker: Dylan Harley

Title: Going beyond gadgets: the importance of scalability for analogue quantum simulators


Abstract: Quantum hardware has the potential to efficiently solve computationally difficult problems in physics and chemistry and reap enormous practical rewards. Analogue quantum simulation accomplishes this by using the dynamics of a controlled many-body system to mimic those of another system; such a method is feasible on near-term devices. By developing a general theory of Hamiltonian gadgets, we show that previous theoretical approaches to analogue quantum simulation suffer from fundamental barriers which prohibit scalable experimental implementation. With a new mathematical framework, and by going beyond the usual toolbox of Hamiltonian complexity theory with the additional resource of engineered dissipation, we show that some of these barriers can be overcome.

Based on joint work with Ishaun Datta, Frederik Ravn Klausen, Andreas Bluhm, Daniel Stilck França, Albert Werner, and Matthias Christandl: arXiv:2306.13739