Tensors and tensor networks appear in many different corners of mathematics and the sciences including e.g.  algebra, geometry, quantum physics, data science, machine learning and biology.  

We will start a weekly seminar on tensors and tensor networks, called TensorTalk, where the participants take turns at presenting a paper on the subject. 

Where and when:
Thursdays 12-13 in the QMATH room (SCI-MATH-UP5-04-2-16). First meeting on 24th October - bring your own food - depending on the crowd size, we might move to a bigger room.  

At the first meeting we will also discuss the list of papers we want to hear about and make a list of speakers, so do bring papers you find interesting. I will give an introduction and if time permits also talk a little about https://arxiv.org/pdf/1903.09439.pdf .

Most importantly, everyone is welcome (i.e. from all corners of math, bio, physics, CS and all levels from high school student to prof).